Cashing In On Presidents Day Weekend Sales

What do the names Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Jackson, Cleveland, Madison, Grant, and McKinley have in common? Of course, they’re all the last names of presidents of the United States.AdobeStock_101281432.fw

And all of them, at one time or another, have also had their portraits appear on U.S. currency. Currently, Washington is on the $1 bill, Jefferson is on the $2 note, Lincoln is on the $5 bill, and Jackson appears on the $20 note.

So what does all of this have to do with Presidents Day Weekend sales? Why, without all those Jacksons, Lincolns, and Washingtons floating about, those sales would fall flat on their faces!

It’s safe to say that the commander-in-chiefs appeared on our currency long before Presidents Day sales became popular. But now they’re all but inseparable.

That doesn’t mean, however, that people aren’t willing to separate themselves from their currency if the right sales come along. And they’re will be a lot of them to choose from during the holiday weekend. From car dealership lots to clothing stores, the bargains will be waiting for buyers to snatch them up.

And getting the best buys is now easier than ever, thanks in large part to those things called apps. No, we’re not talking appetizers. We’re referring to those software applications that you can download onto your smart phones and tablets.

There are plenty of them to choose from these days. The big players like Amazon and eBay have them. But there are lots more floating about, including RetailMeNot, Coupon Sherpa, SlickDeals, Shopular, Ebates, BuyVia, Hafta Have, Gilt, Purchx, ShopSavvy, ScanLife, and Flipp.

Within those listed are mobile comparison shopping apps like BuyVia and Purchx, while others feature mobile coupons for various retailers, such as Ebates and Coupon Sherpa. The majority of shopping apps are compatible with both IOS and Android operating systems.

All of this modern technology makes it more convenient to shop, whether you decide to do so from the comfort of your home or in brick-and-mortar stores. You have the capability of comparing retailers or tracking down valuable coupons with just a few clicks.

But as the saying goes – buyer beware. Crooks are still out there waiting to take advantage of unsuspecting shoppers. Fortunately, people who shop in physical stores are being afforded more protection by the recently introduced chip-enabled credit and debit cards. These cards are designed to make it a lot harder to steal vital information from consumers.

As a result, thieves are turning to a lesser path of resistance – cyber space. Since chip cards can’t be used physically to make online purchases, this gives criminals greater opportunity to access your information. You can keep the bad guys at bay by buying from online retailers you know and trust.

On a lighter note and returning to the earlier theme of U.S. currency, trivia buffs might know that there are several denominations of currency notes that are no longer produced. They include the $500 bill featuring William McKinley’s portrait, the $1,000 note that pictured Grover Cleveland, the $5,000 bill with a portrait of James Madison, and the $100,000 note featuring Woodrow Wilson’s caricature.

And that brings us full circle to Presidents Day Weekend and lots and lots of sales. So get out there and spend your bucks on the best buys of the season!

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