3 Frivolous Household Expenses to Eliminate Today

3 Frivolous Household Expenses to Eliminate Today

Household expenses can easily add up, putting a bigger dent in your budget than you anticipated. Often, what seems like a justified expense really isn’t, and can be eliminated with some careful thought and planning. There are many household tasks you can do on your own instead of hiring someone, and there are lots of ways to cut corners on household expenses that are necessities. Here are 3 frivolous household expenses you can probably eliminate or cut back on today.

  1. Lawn Care & Landscaping

Many homeowners outsource their lawn care and landscaping needs in order to save time. However, the costs for professional lawn care and landscaping are high and depend on what area you live in. According to Home Advisor, the average homeowner spends approximately $100-$200 per month on mowing. For homeowners that work with a gardener to keep outdoor flowers and shrubs looking good, the cost was as much as $50-$100 per month.

Instead of spending hundreds of dollars each month to have someone else care for your lawn and garden, invest in a few tools that allow you to do it yourself. In just a short period of time, these tools will pay for themselves and you’ll begin saving a significant amount of money each month by doing your own landscaping and lawn care.

  1. Cleaning Products

There’s no doubt that cleaning products are a necessary household expense. They’re not something you can eliminate entirely. However, the newest brand-name cleaning products that promise to wipe away dirt and grime with little to no effort at all tend to be costly and in all reality, are largely unnecessary.

According to popular finance and savings blog The Nest, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics suggests that the average family spends nearly $660 on cleaning products in a year’s time. However, making your own cleaning products is not only safer and less harmful to your family and the environment, it’s also significantly cheaper.

MSN lists several DIY cleaner recipes, including a laundry detergent that costs just $0.30 per load, and hacks for cleaning stainless steel, bathrooms, and computer screens that cost just pennies. You likely already have many of the items needed to create homemade cleaners, and would only need to invest a few dollars into empty spray bottles and containers to put them in.

  1. Cable

While entertainment is considered somewhat of a luxury expense, most families would not want to cut out their entertainment bill entirely. Fortunately, there’s really no need to with today’s affordable entertainment options. Bloomberg discusses the May 2015 report published by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission, which suggests that the average cable consumer pays $64 per month for services. Some satellite customers are paying as much as $107 per month!

With the increase in streaming capabilities, families can choose to eliminate costly cable and switch over to more inexpensive options for home entertainment. Television shows and movies can be streamed on some services for less than $10 per month. Even when combining multiple streaming services in order to get the maximum amount of entertainment options available, the cost is often still lower than the average cable bill. Consider eliminating your cable or satellite service and switching over to streaming in order to save hundreds of dollars per year.

Saving money doesn’t have to be challenging when you are able to identify household expenses that aren’t necessary or that can be modified in order to save money. Although it may be more time consuming to care for your own lawn, the savings will add up quickly. You likely won’t miss your old cleaning products after switching over to DIY, and you’ll love that they’re safer and healthier for your family. As for cable, why pay more than you need to?

Make these simple changes in your household today and start saving!

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