Benefits of Mobile Banking Apps

In today’s technologically connected world, there are so many ways anyone can get things done while on the go. Whether it’s downloading a mobile grocery app that helps you plan your weekly list, or researching products or vendors on your phone, we all love to accomplish our goals no matter where we are.

That’s why mobile banking is so popular. It’s a great way to access your account from virtually anywhere, allowing you to check your balance, transfer funds, and even deposit a check no matter where you are, and without having to stop by the bank.

Here are 3 benefits of mobile banking apps that can make banking as easy as 1-2-3.

1.  It’s Incredibly Convenient

For many people, making frequent trips to the bank isn’t feasible. Even with drive thru options, parents of young kids, elderly individuals, those who are ill, and busy professionals alike simply can’t always make it to a brick and mortar bank. Mobile banking and its sister, online banking, make it far easier for individuals to conduct financial business either in the comfort of their own home or online, without the need to pile in the car and head to the nearest branch. Additionally, mobile banking users can access their financial records or bank statements for a specified period of time, making budgeting a snap.

2. It’s User Friendly

Most people use a smartphone, and the majority of them use a multitude of “apps” to make life easier. It seems there are apps for everything from keeping track of your calories and exercise to budgeting. Why shouldn’t banking be included? Today’s mobile banking apps make it simple to do most — if not all — of your banking on your smartphone. Apps are designed to be user friendly, with large fonts and intuitively arranged elements, so completing any one action using a banking app takes just a few clicks.

3. It’s Secure There are 3 different types of mobile banking available — SMS, a banking app, and banking through mobile web.


SMS banking is, in a nutshell, banking through text. You are able to send codes through your phone to your bank to perform certain actions, like paying a bill or transferring funds from one account to another. The bank will accept codes for your account only through your phone, so it’s secure as long as your phone isn’t lost or stolen. In the event that it is, you can terminate your mobile banking remotely.

Banking Apps

A banking app is one that you download right to your phone and it connects you automatically to your bank without having to log onto the web. Because the apps don’t use mobile web, they’re more resistant to phishing, and they also work more closely with the bank’s own security algorithms.

Mobile Web

Even if you haven’t downloaded a banking app onto your phone, you can still access your bank account online through your mobile web browser. However, web banking is the least secure of the three types of mobile banking. You are more exposed to the same types of risks on a mobile web browser as you are on your home computer or laptop – especially if you’re using the free WiFi at your local coffee shop. You can stay safer by changing your password frequently and avoiding following links in emails that are supposedly from your bank or responding to any email asking for your password (even if it looks like it’s from your bank).

Unlike brick and mortar banks, mobile banking apps don’t have a closing time and you don’t have to spend gas money or time to get there. You can do just as much — if not more — with a mobile banking app and they’re as easy to use as the most popular smartphone apps. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by banking with your mobile phone, so why not try it today?

2 thoughts on “Benefits of Mobile Banking Apps

  1. My wife and I have recently moved to a new town. Our old bank isn’t available here, and while shopping around for a new financial institution, they always tell us they have mobile banking. I didn’t realize that mobile banking is a way to reduce the amount a trips people need to make to the bank by offering services right on any internet enabled device. That’s something my wife and I would really like.


  2. I recently found out that a lot of banks offer mobile apps to their customers and I am glad that I found this article because it could be a great benefit to me. You make a great point that it is convenient and will help you avoid trips to the bank and save a lot of time. Also, it is great because this will help me to be able to look at my bank statement and other banking items on my phone at all times.


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