What do I get for Dad? – Fathers Day Trends and Gifts

According to the National Retail Federation, 75%of people who plan to purchase Father’s Day gifts will spend an average of $115.57 this year. Father’s Day sales will reach an estimated $12.7 billion for 2015. This is great news for both retailers and shoppers, since retailers will be competing for a share of the market. Most people are slightly uncertain what to get Dad this year and are often surprised to learn what gifts will matter most

Top Gifts for Dad

Gifts of liquor, a day of golfing, and fishing accessories are all on the list of the things that most dads feel make the ideal gift. Fortunately, there are a variety of gifts that range from very expensive to free or nearly free, making it possible to give a meaningful Father’s Day gift without spending a lot of money.

  • Grills and tools– Fathers who want to combine family time with a good meal love the idea of cooking on the grill. Grills and outdoor cooking accessories are included in the most popular gifts for Dad.


  • Sporting tickets– Whether you are paying for a special event on television or giving Dad tickets to his favorite sporting event, the chances are good that a sports-fanatic will be impressed with your choice.


  • Family time – Since Dad spends so much of his time working, having the ability to spend a day with family can be the best and least expensive Father’s Day gift of all. This is a great way to provide Dad with a gift he will love without breaking the bank.


  • Some of the Usual– Surprisingly enough, Dad still loves the more traditional dress shirt and tie combination as a gift; this may be ideal for teens who have a limited budget.


  • The freebies – There are plenty of ways to make Dad feel special this year without spending a dime. Consider doing his chores for him, like mowing the lawn, painting a room, or fixing his computer.


  • Gift cards – When all else fails, family members can invest in gift cards that allow Dad to decide what gift he treasures most.

Categories of Spending on Father’s Day

You might be surprised to discover that spending on home improvement and gardening supplies is estimated to reach a staggering $710 million this Father’s Day season. Additionally, more than $600 million will be spent on new tools or appliances.

Other interesting statistics show that books and CDs’ will realize sales of more than $500 million, while tablets and smartphones will reach approximately $1.6 billion. Kids with sports-loving dads will purchase more than $660 million in sporting goods and other leisure items.

Convenience is a Big Deal

Millions of dollars will be spent this year on finding the ideal Father’s Day gift. Consumers are savvier than ever and Today’s shopper will likely turn to the Internet to research a product, make price comparisons, and many will complete their purchases online.

Whether you plan to spend $5, $500, or somewhere in between, one of the most important and sought-after Father’s Day gifts this year is time with family members.

Happy Fathers Day!

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